Individual or Couples appointments:
50 minute session

Nerurofeedback Training:
$105 Per Session

Group Therapy:
Experiential Groups: Meet for 2 hours: session. Groups require a commitment of time and energy. Potential members are carefully screened to see if they are able to make the commitment to group.

There is a special payment policy for missing groups: You can miss two groups without charge each semester (January - June, July - December). Thereafter, you are charged at the regular rate. If you miss five (5) groups in a semester, you are telling me that you cannot commit to group, and will be stepping out at that point.

Advanced Study Group: Meets for five sessions: for five meetings

Experiential Weekends: February, May and October of the calendar year. Cost: per person. A Weekend is over a Friday and Saturday.

Cancellation Policy: Appointments that are not shown for are charged at the full rate for the time scheduled. If you give me more than 24 hour notice, you will not be charged.

Payment: Payment is by either cash or check. Checks are preferred.

Insurance: I do not accept insurance payment. However, I will give you a receipt upon request, which you can submit to insurance. Some insurance providers will reimburse this way. Check with your carrier for details to see if this is possible.